Upchuck Series

Inspired by all those piles of vomit around my neighborhood, all those youthful and very wrong decisions made by the bridge, tunnel and tourist kids, the street became my canvas. We’ve all been there though, this painful rite of passage, this initiation, this introduction to the consequences of alcohol overindulgence - certainly "Mike Chuck" has - the last-call-take-a-fall character in my Hell’s Kitchen vomit series. I’ve tried different mediums to accentuate these lovely finds, including water, orange juice, cola, cookies, white rice - let the projectile match the mark, yes? Using disposable cameras (of course), photographers include Veronica Vera, L. Smith and C. Rose - but others were taken by anonymous passersby. Either way, it’s been hard to keep a straight face when shooting the photos, and I hope they produce a similar effect in those viewing them. I found that as sure as someone would say "that’s disgusting" while I was posing for the shots, there was someone else to say "it’s art".

Upchuck Series slideshow